‘Yo imposible’, by Patricia Ortega, showcases intersexuality

Lucía Bedoya and Patricia Ortega

21/10/2018.- The Meeting Point section has premiered Patricia Ortega’s second fiction feature film, a small budget project co-produced in Venezuela and Colombia that shows genderless identities with intersexuality as the script’s axis.

The film Yo imposible builds the story of Ariel, played by the actress Lucia Bedoya, a young dressmaker who discovers, after a failed sexual relationship, the family lie that conditioned her life: she was born intersexual but, through corrective surgery, she was raised as a girl. It is a film with actors and non-professional people where fiction is interspersed with real testimonies on a path to freedom of identity with the message “I am whatever I want to be.”

The colloquium after the screening at the Zorrilla Theater of the film, which premiered in Spain, was attended by the director, scriptwriter and executive producer, Patricia Ortega, and the main actress, Lucia Bedoya, who explained how they worked on the film.

“It is part of my life and my own personal discovery”, explained the director about the film, the idea of which appeared when she met the first intersexual girl in Venezuela, a country where “none of this is discussed, it does not exist”, she said. “Thanks to her, I discovered, first of all, my country; I came to realize that in Venezuela intersex people are classified as special cases of study in PhD theses. From then on, I started wondering whether it was the same in other countries, and I started to connect with networks of intersex people around the world”, said Patricia Ortega on how she came to gather the testimonies that have shaped the story.

The main actress defines as “a dream” playing Ariel, a character who “speaks for those who cannot or about things that cannot be defined”. “Rather than acting based on the character’s sexual difference, I acted based on what makes each of us different, and how at some point in our lives we have all felt different”, said Lucia Bedoya. As the title says, it is a story based on the impossible: “Those things that at first seem impossible are those that transform the world and they are the ones that have to come to light so that afterwards they can become possible”, added the actress.

In addition, before the screening of the film, the Canadian short film Lunar-Orbit Rendezvous was also presented with the presence of the director, Mélanie Charbonneau. The film, which is competing in the Meeting Point section, is a love and science fiction story shot in sixteen millimeters “during the cold nights of the Canadian winter” with two protagonists who develop a special connection during their trip to the Moon. They are Daniel, who wants to scatter his mother’s ashes, and Claude, who wishes to have her menstruation again. The director explained that her intention is “to portray the intimacy that occurs in the encounter between two human beings”, and how “coming accross someone in life is quite improbable, but it happens.”

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