Velázquez addresses the limits of psychiatry

Gabriel Velázquez presentes’Analysis of Blue Blood’

10/21/2017. – Today director Gabriel Velázquez presented Análisis de sangre azul (Analysis of Blue Blood), co-directed with Blanca Torres, in the section Castilla y León in Feature Length. The film emulates a medical journal which narrates the psychiatric experiment on a young English aristocrat, who has an accident in the Pyrenees and awakens with amnesia.

The silent film is set in the 1930’s, during the time the first psychiatric studies began. Films recorded at that time which the direction team found in film libraries and gathered from families and private collectors are included in the film. “It is a tribute to the first filmmakers,” Gabriel Velázquez remarked.

It’s pure and hard fiction,” the director insisted, leaving no doubt as to whether what was seen on the screen actually happened. To help elaborate on the script, the filmmakers asked the opinions of specialists who provided the basis of the documentary.

During the presentation of the film in the LAVA (Valladolid Laboratory of the Arts), Gabriel Velázquez thanked Seminci for having hosted most of his directorial productions and for making his most recent one “full of magic and adventure.”

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