Valladolid once again hosts the Advertising Film Workshops

The Advertising Film Production Workshops, organised by the Association of Spanish Advertising Producers (APCP), which this year celebrates its sixth edition, are being hosted in Valladolid for the second year running

Javier Angulo, Peter Welter Soler, Yanira de Armas Tosco y Denis Pedregosa

18/10/2018.- The Teatro Zorrilla venue kicked off the event with an opening ceremony followed by an interview that Seminci’s director, Javier Angulo, held with Peter Welter Soler, Executive Producer at Fresco Film; Yanira de Armas Tosco, Head of Locations with Sur Film; and Denis Pedregosa, Co-founder of Babieka Films.

Manuel García, whose presidency of APCP ended today, assured that the objectives set four years ago have been achieved. “The toughest challenge was that before producers in this country knew very little about us and now it’s the opposite; although we continue to be competition, we get on well”, he added. Meanwhile, Albert Soler, who has taken over the job, emphasised that he is going to be president after the “association’s best four years”.

Javier Angulo went on to moderate an interview with film and TV service producers. The festival director talked about how “before, the message had to be included in the film, but today it must also be done in an aesthetically flawless way”. Denis Pedregosa, Co-founder of Babieka Films (Blade Runner 2049), explained that “the margin of error is getting increasingly smaller” and that “the demand is greater”.

Yanira de Armas Tosco, Head of Locations with Sur Film (Solo: A Star Wars Story), agreed with her colleague and added that “on many occasions you don’t know what they want and you have to hand it to them on a plate”. And Peter Welter Soler, Executive Producer at Fresco Film (Game of Thrones) highlighted that “the location has to be perfect to fit with the concept, but the more imperfect it is, the better the product sells”.

Moments later, Angulo expressed surprise at the number of directors who now take up advertising. “Some brands exploit this fact on networks to draw attention to what will be an upcoming advertisement”, he commented. Faced with this scenario, Pedregosa explained that there are two facets to consider: “There are some novice directors who use their experience in directing ads – which they have received awards for – to make the crossover into feature-length productions”, he added.

During the interview, the relationship between producers and institutions was also addressed. According to Soler, local authorities should start looking at what “comes next”, as this could represent a tremendous economic benefit for them. However, he stressed that “not all institutions know how to do this and fail to seize the opportunity”. Meanwhile, de Armas Tosco explained how institutions on the Canary Islands have undergone a “learning” process, given that nothing has been shot on the archipelago for 40 years. “Once they start seeing the results, we hope that it will be easier to establish the methods”, she added.

Lastly, the environment has also been a topic of discussion, with Javier Angulo reminding everyone of how Seminci’s ecological footprint will be measured in this edition. He added that the same will be done with a film shooting to determine its level of contamination.

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