‘Tu hijo’, the brave psychological drama which will leave nobody indifferent

Pol Monen, Miguel Ángel Vivas and Jose Coronado

10/20/2018.- The team behind the inaugural film of the 63rd Valladolid International Film Festival, Tu hijo, held a press conference this Saturday in which director Miguel Ángel Vivas explained that he had dared to break free of his constraints and find himself as a director with this film. “It’s very psychological. It’s based on the idea that the leading character is a flawed man, but that’s because we live in a flawed world. We’re responsible for those who come after us, for future generations, for our children”, he told the media.

The director, who had the idea for the film six years ago, confessed that the characters in the film who he finds most interesting are those who are almost silent, and in this case it is the women. “The female voices have something to say, but they’re not listened to”, he said. Indeed, in this sense, actress Asia Ortega, who plays Sara, considers herself the “forgotten conscience” of this stark drama and argued that “there must be more fighters like Sara, who fight with love”. “Women are forgotten and young women still more so, we’re judged. We have to fight”, she concluded.

Vivas also thanked the film’s star, Jose Coronado, for his performance as a desperate father in search of vengeance when his son is left in a coma after a brutal beating outside a nightclub. “In Jose Coronado I found a Jaime I could never have dreamed of”, he said, surrounded by most of the film team at the Patio Herreriano Museum.

In turn, the actor expressed his gratitude at being given the opportunity to play the father, “a normal man who is forced to descend into the depths of hell, who’s lost and doesn’t know how to navigate the domain of youth”. “He lets himself get carried away because the law doesn’t go far enough and the only things left are ethics and morality”, he explained, while asserting that he was very moved when after this first screening of the film a man said to him: “You represent me as a father”.

Coronado also noted that the film, which focuses on vengeance, is a reflection of the society in which we live, as parents “sometimes don’t really know their children”, although they may think otherwise, he added. In order to play the role of Jaime, he explained that “it was important to be focused and willing to really get into the role”, and that the fact of having his own son and daughter helped him in this regard. “Tu Hijo is a great little film, very brave, stark, without artifices, which raises issues which affect all of us”, he concluded to the press.

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