Tribute to «wise and poetic» Martín Patino

10/23/2017.- Basilio Martín Patino “cared very much” for Seminci, and Seminci has responded to that declared appreciation with a tribute to him. The widow of the Salamancan filmmaker, Pilar Doblado, was surrounded by friends: director José Luis García Sánchez, actors Emilio Gutiérrez Caba and Charo López, and the director of the Film Library of Castilla y León, Maite Conesa. “I know that you all cared for Basilio, all of this is saturated with his essence,” said the companion of the honoree when remembering the bond that united him to the Valladolid International Film Festival.

The director of the Film Library of Castilla y León, Maite Conesa

Actress Charo López had to make an effort not to get too emotional remembering the director with whom she worked on Los paraísos perdidos [The Lost Paradise]. Their first meeting took place when he was filming Nueve cartas a Berta [Nine Letters to Bertha]: she exited her school in Salamanca, and approached the commotion that had formed around the crew, until somebody had her leave so that she would not disturb them. Later on they met professionally. Today she remembers him as a “wise, poetic, sweet” director. She believes that justice has not been done to him: “He was a wonderful being. It seems to me that Basilio does not have the place he deserves in Spanish cinema.” It was in this same film, Nueve cartas a Berta [Nine Letters to Bertha], that Gutiérrez Caba first worked with Martín Patino. For the actor this piece is “an unforgettable film.” It was 1965. “I got to know thoroughly not only Salamanca, but what cinema was, and it was then that I first encountered love.”

Maite Conesa recalled another facet of the director of Queridísimos verdugos [Dearest Executioners], the “archival material collector.” This was a commitment that led him to do research in Portugal, when Noticiarios y Documentales [News and Documentaries] were forbidden to him. He gathered material that nowadays “citizens and filmmakers can enjoy for their own productions,” and that “he told like nobody and used like nobody else.” The Film Library of Castilla y León director also highlighted Patino’s “generosity” as he had left his “fascinating gadgets” in the trust of her institution.


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