Trapero: “Sometimes my characters need to leave to become who they want to be”

Pablo Trapero

10/23/2018.- Pablo Trapero has visited the Official Section of the International Valladolid Film Festival for the second time. Crane World (Mundo grúa) participated in the 44th edition of the Seminci and, almost 20 years afterwards, the Argentinian filmmaker takes part with The Quietude (La Quietud). This film could be considered the feminine side of The Clan (El Clan); a matriarch who controls her family, especially her daughters, and who has past marked by corruption during the dictatorship.

“We could see both films as complimenting each other. It was not intentional, but during the production I realised that The Quietude had more in common with The Clan that I imagined,” he agreed, although he mentioned that during the process they also noted great differences between both films.

The similarity between the sisters, however, was intended since the beginning. First of all Trapero made sure that both actresses could work together and then he wrote the script. “The project was born precisely from the idea that the resemblance between the sisters might make us foresee they could be the same character”, he stated during the press conference before the final screening of the film. That Obscure Object of Desire by Luis Buñuel served as inspiration for his idea.

The possibility of two characters being one is especially present at the end of the movie, which takes place in France. According to the director, whose grandparents emigrated to Argentina from Segovia (Spain), people aren’t from where they are born, but from the country they feel a part of. “My characters sometimes need to leave to become who they want to be, and the only reality the characters from The Quietude want to escape is their own family”.

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