‘Todo por ver’ chosen as the 63rd Seminci’s official image

Cartel oficial 63 SEMINCI - TODO POR VER

‘Todo por ver (Everything to see’), 63rd Seminci’s official edition

05/02/2018.- For the 10th consecutive year, the Valladolid International Film Festival, SEMINCI, has held its poster competition for the Festival’s 63rd edition with no fewer than 571 entries, the majority of which were submitted by artists from Castile and Leon, followed by proposals from other Spanish regions like Madrid or Valencia. Submissions have also been received from Mexico, the UK, France, Italy and Andorra.

The poster selected by the competition’s jury as the upcoming 63rd edition’s official image is titled Todo por ver (Everything to See), by Leonese designer Jorge Barrientos Villoria. Barrientos has a degree in Fine Arts (Major in Graphic Design and Audiovisual Arts) from the University of Salamanca and currently works in the areas of art direction, communication, graphic design, illustration, corporate identity, web design  and social media management for both public and private clients.

The winning submission for fest section Meeting Point (screening first and second films) is titled La cita (The Date) and was designed by Carlos Corredera, a multifaceted artist —painter, illustrator, designer and copywriter— based in Valencia. He studied Graphic Design at Castellón’s  Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny and has worked as designer and copywriter, first in an advertising studio and later as a freelance artist.

As for the Festival’s documentary section Time of History, the winning poster is entitled Deshielo y libertad (Thaw and Freedom), a work by Bilbao-born designer Amador Molina Blanco, a comic-book fan and a film- and arts lover particularly keen on drawing and illustration. He started working in graphic design after becoming professionally certified to practise the latter activity as well as web design, and is a current member of EIDE (the Basque Country’s Designers Association).

The competition winners will receive cash awards respectively endowed with €3,000 for the author of the 63rd edition’s official image and €600 for each of the designers of the two posters representing sections Meeting Point and Time of History.

The jury in this year’s poster competition was formed by the following members:  Ana Redondo (local councillor for Culture, Commerce and Tourism); Juan Manuel Guimerans (area director for Culture, Commerce and Tourism); María Bolaños (director of Valladolid’s National Museum of Sculpture); Miryam Anllo (designer at  DiLab/ Castile and Leon’s Design Lab), Vanessa García Rivas (a teacher at the ESI School of Design in Valladolid); José Carlos Daza (a designer at Estudio dDc Diseño y Comunicación);Liliana Muñoz de la Peña (an art historian and the director of PizzaFilms); Marta García (Capitán Quimera: a design and communication company) and the Valladolid Festival’s director Javier Angulo, who chaired the jury.


Images of sections Meeting Point and Time of History

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