Time of History to screen 14 documentaries


The Time of History Section of the Valladolid Festival’s 62nd edition will this year screen 14 international documentary features -12 in competition and 2 out of competition- dealing from different perspectives with topical issues like the drama of refugees or the war in Syria, violence in Mexico or the hermetic regime in North Korea, together with other arguments of human interest like mental disease, nature, motherhood or cinema.

The Spanish representation in this documentary section will consist of three productions, while the remaining eleven films have been produced in the US, the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Qatar, Norway, Lebanon or Mexico, among other countries. The 12 documentaries in competition aspire to the section’s first and second prize, respectively endowed with 20,000 and 10,000 EUR.

Two of the selected films, The Good Postman and Taste Of Cement, have moreover been shortlisted for nomination in the European Film Awards, which will be announced in December this year.

Docs in competition:

BAYANG INA MO (Motherland), Ramona S. Díaz (USA/The Phillipines)

CITY OF GHOSTS, Matthew Heineman (USA)

DE KINDREN VAN JUF KIET (Miss Kiet’s Children), Petra and Peter Lataster (The Netherlands)

DINA, Dan Sickles & Antonio Santini (USA)

HYVÄ POSTIMIES (The Good Postman), Tonislav Hristov (Finland/Bulgaria)

LIBERATION DAY, Morten Traavik and Ugis Olte (Norway/Latvia/United Kingdom/Slovenia)

LA LIBERTAD DEL DIABLO (Devil’s Freedom), Everardo González (Mexico)

NELJÄ ELEMENTTIÄ (Life In Four Elements), Natalie Halla (Finland)

PANOPTIC, Rana Eid (Lebanon)

SHOOTBALL, Fèlix Colomer (Spain)

TA ACORDA BA TU EL FILIPINAS?, Sally Gutiérrez (Spain)

TASTE OF CEMENT, Ziad Kalthoum, (Germany/Lebanon/Syria/United Arab Emirates/Qatar)


Docs out of competition:

78/52, Alexandre O. Philippe (USA)

SOUL, José Antonio Blanco, Ángel Parra (Spain)

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