The life of Jesús López Cobos seen through the eyes of Cristina Otero

Cristina Otero, director

10/26/2018.- On 26th October, in the section DOC. Spain of Valladolid International Film Festival, the out-of-competition documentary López Cobos: Música en las manos was screened, attended by most members of the technical team, including producer Carmen Comadrán and director Cristina Otero Roth. The documentary is a tribute to the Zamoran orchestra conductor Jesús López Cobos.

“I feel such happiness and joy at being here today […] I’m doubly happy, because of the pride I feel as a director screening my film for the first time at Seminci, and because the last time I saw Jesús López Cobos was here, two editions ago”, explained an emotional Cristina Otero Roth. “I hope that the effort and hard work of filming over a very long period are apparent; we spent four years filming just a few weeks of the year […] we were boosted by our own passion, by chance, it wasn’t a commission”, Otero Roth added.

Producer Carmen Comadrán took the opportunity to describe what she views as the most valuable aspect of the documentary: “You can see how cinema is a choral work, with a vital distinctive voice like that of Cristina’s in this case, but I’d like to emphasise the thoughtful nature of the film which portrays a great public figure”. She did not hesitate to detail the next steps for the feature film in response to the audience’s questions: “We’re very excited by the great reception it’s getting, we’ll visit several festivals and in May it’ll be out in cinemas”.

Cristina Otero Roth brought the debate to an end with the most valuable message she had taken from her time with Jesús López Cobos: “For him, and it should be this way for everyone, a very important part of life was the transmission of knowledge, in whatever way he could, as you can see in the documentary, and he even comments that although his professional career has made him very lucky and happy, he would also have found happiness had he continued studying Philosophy and dedicated his life to teaching”.

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