«The image of Moliner is very complicated to document»

Vicky Calavia deepens in its last work in the figure of the linguist María Moliner

10/22/2017. Director Vicky Calavia presented her documentary about María Moliner, Tendiendo Palabras (Tending Words) in Broadway cinema, a feature film that highlights the work of the lexicologist throughout her life until her struggle against Alzheimer’s disease became too much. She was a figure recognized by “professionals and people of the street,” Calavia indicated in the post-screening discussion.

María Moliner, author of the Diccionario de uso del español (Dictionary of Spanish Usage), is a figure from the arts that presented a challenge in documenting her personal life. Because of this, the director carried out several interviews with relatives and professionals who knew the lexicologist. In the national production of documentaries there are only two other projects of shorter duration, which were created at least ten years ago.

The documentary deals with recovering dictionaries and the life of María Moliner,” Calavia said, in addition to mentioning the importance of education for the author: “she had a lot of faith in the power of culture,” she stated.

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