The green carpet: an elegant touch to the closing ceremony

Óscar Puente, Laura Soria, Unax Ugalde, Ana Redondo and Javier Angulo

10/28/ 2017.- The 62nd edition of the Valladolid International Film Festival bid farewell on Saturday, October 28th. It did so with this year’s green carpet, over which the stars of the seventh art paraded and bestowed the final touch of elegance and glamor to this year’s Seminci. This preceded the traditional Closing Gala.

Starting at 6 in the evening, an endless number of guests began the walk to Calderón Theatre. The first to step on the green carpet were Valladolid Mayor, Óscar Puente, and his wife, Laura Soria, wearing a dress by Eulalia Mateos. After them appeared Seminci Director, Javier Angulo, accompanied by the Culture Councillor, Ana Redondo, in a strapless dress by Natacha Arranz.

Elena Sánchez and Marta Nieto

Host Elena Sánchez and co-host of the festival’s Closing Gala Marta Nieto were the following to parade along the green carpet. Sánchez added a floral touch to the catwalk with her dress while Marta Nieto added a passionate flare with an open-backed red sequined garment.

This stroll was full of stars, but was also a showcase for designers from Valladolid. Ana Cea, jury member for Shorts from Castilla y León, was the first to show off local fashion. On this occasion, she chose a black and white striped dress by César González. Actress Ana Cela walked with an Ernesto Terrón dress in golden tones and jewelry by Camaleoni. Yara Puebla took advantage of this opportunity to dress in Irene de la Cuesta with a pink set of jewels and jewelry by Elena Milon.

Also with Milon’s jewelry, performer Sara Miquel wore an Ana Canaan feather dress and had a fuchsia handbag from Francis and Teo. In addition, de la Cuesta dressed actress Eva Marciel, who wore earrings by Kiko Contreras. Carla Hidalgo, a Spanish actress, wore an Anna Canaan dress with black and white flowers, while Eva Manjón appeared in a dress embroidered in colored sequins and silver earrings by Antonio Zuñiga.

Juan Antonio Quintana

Actors such as Juan Antonio Quintana, Cristina Castaño, Norma Ruiz, Carlos Santos and Dani Muriel, along with other prestigious performers of the seventh art, also made their way down the carpet throughout the evening. They did it very elegantly, but also in an intimate way. Dozens of people gathered at the doors of Calderón Theater minutes before the Closing Ceremony, which ended the 62nd edition of the festival, began. They could feel the kindness and warmth of these national big screen stars as they proceeded into the Gala.

The event that preceded the gala saw a parade of jury members, awardees, and a large number of guests who presented the awards of the 62nd Seminci. This edition was closed with a film by Martin Provost, Sage Femme (The Midwife), and with an encouraging wink from auteur cinema that the Valladolid International Film Week will once again return, as every year, next October.

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