‘The Cake General’, a nod to director Filip Hammar’s native city

Filip Hammar, the director, and the actress. Agnes Lindström Bolmgrem

20/10/2018.- The feature film The Cake General opened the competition today in the Meeting Point section with a screening held at Zorrilla Theatre, which was attended by one of its directors, Filip Hammar, and actress Agnes Lindström Bolmgrem.

Before the screening of the feature film, Filip Hammar presented his work with a good dose of humour. «I’m excited to see that people buy tickets to go to the cinema», said the Swedish director, who added: «I’ve enjoyed being in Valladolid more than other parts of Spain, despite the fact that my only previous experience of the city was a football match».

The Swedish director confessed that the film was quite narcissistic, as it «is about me and about something which happened in my home town when I was young», and that it is set in a small Swedish town. «It’s as if the action was taking place in Palencia», he joked.

The film is set in 1984 in the city of Köping, which was voted the most boring town in all of Sweden. A man named Hasse Pettersson set about changing things. This man, considered a drunk and a failure by all of the town’s citizens, decided to make the biggest pie in the world with the help of the young baker and her family.

The Cake General is based on the novel Tårtgeneralen, written in 2009 by the directors themselves, Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson. This humorous story «is 80% true», according to Hammar, who highlighted the fact that it’s the most successful film in the history of films about Köping”.

The cast was chosen for their resemblance to the real characters, who the actors even met in person, including actress Agnes Lindström.

Hammar has good memories of the leading character, Hasse Pettersson, as «during my childhood, he helped me to overcome the bullying I suffered from my classmates». When Hasse returned to the city before he died, Hammar accompanied him on the route he took on the day he achieved the Guinness record.

The Cake General is the first film by the Swedish directors, who are very popular in their country for a political comedy programme which is broadcast weekly.

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