The 63rd edition of Seminci offers six premieres at ‘Spanish Short Film Night’

10/26/2018.- The 63rd Valladolid International Film Festival held a new edition of Spanish Short Film Night on Thursday 25th October at Zorrilla Theatre, in which six films were presented by their directors: Cactus by Alberto Gastesi (out-of-competition); De repente la noche by Cristina Bodelón and Ignacio de Vicente; Gusanos de seda by Carlos Villafaina; Kafenio Kastello by Miguel Ángel Jiménez; Tahrib by Gerard Vidal, and Viudas by María Guerra.

Directors selected for ‘Spanish Short Film Night’ competition

In Cactus, a young man and an older man meet at a florist’s. Their unusual encounter leads to an evening stroll through the streets of San Sebastián and an exploration of their memories… Alberto Gastesi has directed the short films Trampantojo (2001), Los temores confluyen (2003), Avanzar tres veces (2006), Istmo (2011), Ekaitza (2012), Mapa del tiempo olvidado (2013), Alejandra (2014), Miroirs (2016) and Cactus (2018). Cactus is participating in the festival as an out-of-competition film.

De repente la noche is the story of Elena and Mario, who have a daughter who is suffering from a severe illness. In order to survive, she needs a transplant from a genetically compatible sibling. Following several miscarriages, Elena becomes pregnant again. Cristina Bodelón and Ignacio de Vicente have co-directed joint projects including In memoriam (2010), selected for multiple international festivals, and the short film Ganga (2011), filmed in India and nominated for best short documentary at Notodofilmfest.

Gusanos de seda focuses on Daniel, a 15-year old boy, who is looking after his little sister Laia on the day his mother, Maribel, faces losing her job. It is the second short film by Carlos Villafaina (Barcelona, 1991), whose first film, Silencio por favor, won the Golden Herald at Medina del Campo Film Festival, and has achieved international recognition since winning the audience award at Short Shorts Asia. He is currently writing the script for his first feature film.

Kafenio Kastello is set in the centre of Athens. Surrounded by a world in crisis and widespread destruction, a small group of people resists the end which appears to be nigh. Besides the short film Khorosho (2010), Miguel Ángel Jiménez (Madrid, 1979) has directed the feature films Ori (2009), Chaika (2012) and The Night Watchman (2015) and the documentaries Días de El Abanico (2008) and Y en cada lenteja un dios (2018).

Tahrib tells the story of Tariq, a young Moroccan who works for one of the mafias organising illegal sea crossings. His job is to transport passengers across the Strait of Gibraltar on small boats without being caught. Yet each crossing could be the last. Gerard Vidal Cortés (Barcelona, 1994) graduated in Film and Audiovisual Media from ESCAC in 2018. After writing, directing and collaborating in various audiovisual projects both as part of his studies and on a personal basis, he wrote and directed Tahrib as his graduation project.

In Viudas, María Guerra tells the story of Julia, who, following the sudden death of Álvaro, watches over his body in the marital home. She is surprised by a rather unwelcome visit: Susana, “his widow”, arrives with the legitimate intention of saying good bye to him. María Guerra wrote and directed the short film Una vez (2015) alongside Sonia Madrid, which has been selected for more than 50 festivals and numerous awards. In 2017, her short film Dichoso aquel participated in Quercus, the annual selection by the Coordinating Body of Film Festivals of Castile and León.

The six competition films are competing for a prize of 3,000 euros for the winner.

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