The 63rd edition of Seminci, a framework for promoting filming locations

Jaime Montalvo, Carlos Rosado, Óscar Puente, Rubén López and Jaime Alejandre

10/24/2018.- Valladolid has welcomed the II Spanish Conference on Filming and Tourism, which is being held for the second consecutive year as part of Valladolid International Film Festival, featuring Portugal as a guest country on this occasion. On Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th October, institutional and industry representatives came together to address how to enhance Spain’s tourist appeal via the cinema industry.

«Valladolid is a real cinema city where people know how to make cinema», said the mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Puente, during the opening ceremony, citing examples including the Chair of Cinema at the University of Valladolid (UVa) and big names in international cinema who have either visited the city (Sophia Loren, Geraldine Chaplin, Orson Welles and more) or were born there, such as Juan Antonio Quintana, Lola Herrera and Roberto Enríquez.

The aim of the conference is to position Spain as a top-level destination for international film productions, a challenge for which some progress appears to have already been made, as Carlos Rosado, president of Spain Film Commission, emphasises. Among the advantages which Spain offers for film shoots, Rosado highlighted «its small size, its rapid communications, its highly skilled audiovisual industry and the excellent infrastructure facilitating communications and mobility».

The mayor underlined the city council’s interest in facilitating the whole process from creation and production to cinematographic tourism. According to López, this plan will «improve the city’s economy, bringing employment and projects to the city», in the hope that «people here won’t have to move away in order to be able to produce their work».

The participants in the conference all agreed on the importance of public authorities working in collaboration to achieve this goal, an issue which was already raised during the previous conference held in Valladolid in 2016. «This is where we’re at currently, inclusion is fundamental», stated Rosado, while also highlighting the support of the current Secretary of State in this area.

According to Jaime Alejandre, adviser to the ICAA, it is necessary «to harmonise fiscal regulations» and «move closer to 30% deduction». Alejandre gave the example of France as «a country where they do things well». According to data from the CNC presented by the ICAA spokesperson, for every euro invested in France, €7 were spent, leading to a return of €2.70 in tax revenues, which also has a positive impact on employment, generating 11,500 jobs.

«Providing fiscal mechanisms in Spain which allow it to better compete with other countries», capturing «emerging markets such as India and China» and «attracting cinematographic tourism» were the goals emphasised by the president of Spain Film Commission. Rosado reminded participants that a stand will be dedicated to cinematographic tourism at the next Fitur (large tourism trade fair) from 23rd to 27th January.

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