Spikes shared with «family from the world of cinema»

Emma Suárez and Luis Tosar received their Seminci awards in an emotional ceremony and surrounded by friends

10/24/2017.- It was their night at the Spanish Cinema Gala, but the actors Emma Suárez and Luis Tosar shared their triumph with “family from the world of cinema” when collecting the Spikes of Honor given by the Valladolid International Film Festival in recognition of their careers.

The event, held at Calderón Theatre, was full of emotion. Luis Tosar had to take time to form his words of thanks after his wife, Chilean actress Maria Luisa Mayol, handed him the Festival’s statuette. Likewise, Emma Suárez had to pause in her speech to declare how much she loves her profession.

The actor Luis Tosar excited with him award

The Galician actor, winner of three Goya awards, was the first to take the stage. Before, the host, Marta Nieto, introduced a video in which actresses Goya Toledo and Maria Valverde congratulated the award winner and, far from being limited to enumerating his merits as an actor, also highlighted his personal qualities. The producer Emma Lustres, member of the International Jury of the 62nd Seminci, and the directors Jaume Balagueró and Daniel Monzón clustered around Luis Tosar.

Marta Lustres used Tosar as an example for “the wonderful people” that she has been able to meet in the world of cinema. Jaume Balagueró agreed with her, stating he remembers Mientras duermes [Sleep Tight] more for having “introduced me to a friend” in Tosar than for the filming itself. He added, there is what “everybody knows and no one doubts”: that “Luis is a magnificent actor.”

Daniel Monzón identified the actor he chose to incarnate Malamadre in Celda 211 [Cell 211] as “one of the best actors … not just in Spain or in Europe, but in the world.” The director continued, saying that his most recent collaboration with the honoree, the comedy Yucatán, will show a different side of Luis Tosar: “He’s terribly funny.” He also brought to light the more human side of the actor, a “simple man” that “makes life easier.” “When Luis is in a cast, I know that there won’t be any nonsense, because if you have a god there and that’s how it is…”.

Maria Luisa Mayol, also very touched, has pointed out that the histrionics with which some of those who are dedicated to acting are born reaches another dimension in Luis Tosar: “Few people are like you, Luis, capable of performing with so much truth. How wonderful, what a gift. I have a great admiration for you, for your voice that is so powerful, for your deep eyes that speak for themselves.” The actress concluded her speech by speaking of their son: “León is smart, he chose the best dad in the world; know that you are our favorite actor.”

Luis Tosar had to overcome his emotions to express his gratitude for the Spike, and to remember his family from the world of cinema that is in each cast and crew, and in which “mutual understanding and intimacy” are reached. “As actors, we are very exposed, very naked, and there is a group of people who share that with us,” Tosar described. He explained that what appears to be something purely “professional” becomes something that truly belongs “to the realm of the heart.”

One of the first directors to direct Emma Suárez, Jaime Chávarri, and one of the most recent with whom she has worked, Isaki Lacuesta, accompanied the actress. She joked about her dress of flowers and spikes: the dress was missing a spike, she said when collecting the one she was awarded by the Festival.

Jaime Chávarri, who directed the Madrilenian actress in Besos para todos [Kisses for Everyone], ensured that working with Emma Suárez shot down his belief that “an actor’s instinct is irrational.” “Emma does not obey, I hate actors who obey; Emma goes further,” he said of an actress in which he claims to have found the “value of kindness and friendship.” For Isaki Lacuesta, the work of Emma Suárez is “a mixture of instinct and technique.” “There are actors who are like windows, and Emma is one of them,” he concluded.

The actress Emma Suárez show the award which recognize her career

Like Luis Tosar, Emma Suárez expressed her delight with her companion in the award and at the gala, as he has been able to “take gold from a character and exhibit it.” However, to show her gratitude for those in her own career, she traced back to the legends she worked with at the beginning, such as Fernán Gómez, Fernando Rey, Irene Gutiérrez Caba … “I love this profession more than I could have ever imagined. And I love it because it has given me the chance to meet the wonderful people who are my friends.” The actress finished her time on stage by dedicating Seminci’s award “to women, for their struggle.”

Seminci’s “independence”

Shortly before receiving the Spike of Honor, Emma Suárez and Luis Tosar spoke with the media in a relaxed meeting, an aspect of Seminci that was especially appreciated by the Galician actor. Compared with other “overwhelming” festivals, Valladolid’s is “more relaxed.” And that’s not to mention as well that “its independence” sets it apart. His fellow awardee also emphasized the commitment to independent cinema and, with it, the opportunity offered by Seminci to view types of films that participate in other festivals.

What was also made clear by the two actors is their passion for their craft and their shared sense of being part of “a family” in the world of film. Emma Suárez made her debut as a child in Memorias de Leticia Valle [Memoirs of Leticia Valle], a film adapted from the novel of the same name by Rosa Chacel of Valladolid. She has “matured and grown up” in the entertainment world. When she is concentrating on a shoot, the actress pointed out, “the team becomes your family, and the work of the actors is as important as that of anyone who is part of the cast or crew.”

Luis Tosar affirmed Emma Suárez’s impression that this work generates “a mutual understanding that has to do with sharing an idea.” He emphasized the intimacy that is generated in film shoots. Actors experience “emotional situations” that they share with a large group of people, something that, in his opinion, “only happens in cinema”.

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