‘Soñando un lugar’: fighting depopulation through art

Alfonso Kint, Lucía Camón and ther daughter

10/23/2018.- Director Alfonso Kint went to Valladolid on Tuesday, October 23 to present his documentary Soñando un lugar (Dreaming a place), which participates in the Seminci within the DOC.Spain section. His wife Lucia Camón, who is one of the protagonists of the documentary, also participated in the event.

“It took me seven years to make this documentary”, said Alfonso Kint, who confessed that he did not have a specific topic in mind when he started out this project, and was ” looking for a change”. It was when his daughter was born and he left the big city with his wife for a small village in Aragón called Torralba de Ribota that they found the theme for their documentary — rural depopulation.

Kint spent seven years recording how his family went from living in Madrid to a small village of a little over one hundred inhabitants. “Nothing I recorded was rehearsed, everything is real,” he pointed out. The inhabitants of Torralba are also protagonists — it is through them that the director shows the viewer the village and its history.

Alfonso Kint and Lucía Camón want to revive the village. They have launched a project called Pueblos en Arte (Art villages), which is convincing more people to move there. Right now, they are organizing Ruta 234 (Rout 234), a series of cultural activities based on the road.

“For good or bad, the village has many things, everything gets magnified here,” explained Alfonso Kint in the post-screening discussion. For her part, when asked about what it is like to be recorded for so long, Lucia Camón replied: “Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s tiring, but you’re using moments from your personal life to make something meaningful.”

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