‘Serás hombre’, a collage about building masculinity

Isabel de Ocampo and Abel Azcona

10/21/2018.- Isabel de Ocampo, a female director from Salamanca, returns to the Valladolid International Film Festival, the Seminci, to present her latest work: Serás Hombre, which competes in the section DOC Spain. This documentary x-rays the social identity of men: male chauvinism and masculinity.

She was the winner of the Goya Award to the Best Short Film in 2009 for Miente, however, this time she focuses on prostitution, “one of the most extreme examples of gender-based violence”, explained the director during the dialogue after the screening. In her proposal, Ocampo gathers the points of view of a secondary school teacher and a team of publicists as well as several thinkers, academics and politicians who all tackle the same topic from different perspectives.

Moreover, the artist Abel Azcona undresses himself to explore his pain while facing the struggles of his life “as a consequence of being the son of a disreputable brothel.” In this documentary we can see how Abel and a former pimp, who cooperated with the film, come face to face. They elaborate on how the system and the law enable organised crime such as prostitution and women trafficking.

 “The good ones are not so good and the bad ones are not so bad,” assured Ocampo. She added that “filming has been an intense process, not only because it took five years, but also because we have not always found the resources we needed. Broaching a subject from a male perspective has elicited a lot of rejection from the Instituto de la Mujer (Government Agency for women’s rights)”

Isabel de Ocampo returns to the festival in Valladolid, where her documentary Piratas y libélulas (Pirates and fireflies) was programmed in the 2013 edition. That year it received a special mention in the section Time of History.

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