Seminci will zoom in on Portugal’s cinema boom with 30 titles

‘A fabrica de nada’, by Pedro Pinho

09/05/2018.- Portugal will play a leading part as “Guest Country” in the retrospective scheduled for the 63rd edition of the Valladolid International Film Festival. The section’s main goal is to show fest audiences the most significant titles directed over the last few years by Portuguese filmmakers: a cinematic output that has turned the spotlight of the international film scene on our neighbouring country.

The sample will consist of twenty long features —including four documentaries— and ten short films (four of which also belong to the documentary genre). The majority of these titles have screened at international film festivals where they also harvested important awards. The Berlinale, for example, showed feature-lengths like Cartas da guerra (Ivo M. Ferreira), Colo (Teresa Villaverde) and Tabu (Miguel Gomes), which bagged the Fipresci award and the Alfred Bauer prize. The German film festival also screened the short films A balada de umbatraquio (Leonor Telles), Cidade pequeña (Diego Costa Amarante) and Rafa (João Salaviza).

Other films included in this retrospective won important prizes like last years’s Fipresci-awarded A fabrica de nada (Pedro Pinho) or the 2008 Best Film award at Buenos Aires’ BAFICI Aquele Querido Mes de Agosto (Miguel Gomes).

Similarly, Caballo dinero earned Pedro Costa the award for Best Director at Locarno, a distinction likewise won by João Pedro Rodrigues for his film O ornitólogo. The same festival also awarded prizes to the documentaries E agora? Lembra-me (Joaquim Pinto), É na Terra Nao é na Lua (Gonçalo Tocha) and A última vez que vi Macau (João Pedro Rodrigues & João Rui G. da Mata), as well as to the fiction feature Verão danado (Pedro Cabeleira) and the short film Estilhaços (José Miguel Ribeiro).

Finally, mention must be made of Venice-screening Montanha (João Salaviza) and Saint George (Marco Martins).

The retrospective will be accompanied by the publication of a book by Portuguese film critic José Vieira Mendes and is sponsored by Portugal’s General Directorate for Cinema (ICA), Portuguese Cinemateca, the Instituto Cervantes in Lisbon and the Portuguese Embassy in Spain.



Aquele Querido Mes de Agosto, by Miguel Gomes (2008)

Cartas a uma ditatura, by Inés de Medeiros (Documental, 2008)

É na Terra Nao é na Lua, by Gonçalo Tocha (Documental, 2011)

A vingança de uma mulher, by Rita Azevedo Gomes (2012)

Tabu, by Miguel Gomes (2012)

A última vez que vi Macau, by João Pedro Rodrigues y João Rui G. da Mata (Documental, 2012)

E agora? Lembra-me, by Joaquim Pinto (Documental, 2013)

Caballo dinero, by Pedro Costa (2014)

John From, by João Nicolau (2015)

Montanha, by João Salaviza (2015)

Cartas da guerra, by Ivo M. Ferreira (2016)

O ornitólogo, by João Pedro Rodrigues (2016)

São Jorge, by Marco Martins (2016)

A Fabrica de nada, by Pedro Pinho (2017)

Amor, Amor, by Jorge Cramez (2017)

Colo, by Teresa Villaverde (2017)

Fatima, by João Canijo (2017)

Ramiro, by Manuel Mozos (2017)

Verão danado, by Pedro Cabeleira (2017)

Yvone Kane, by Margarida Cardoso (2014)



História Trágica Com Um Final Feliz, by Regina Pessoa (2006)

Rafa, by João Salaviza (2012)

O Velho do Restelo, by Manoel de Oliveira (2014)

A gloria de fazer cinema em Portugal, by Manuel Mozos (Documental, 2015)

A balada de um batraquio, by Leonor Telles (Documental, 2016)

Cidade pequeña, by Diego Costa Amarante (Documental, 2016)

Estilhaços, by José Miguel Ribeiro (2016)

Água Mole, by Alexandra Ramírez (2017)

Coelho mau, by Carlos Conceição (2017)

Farpoes baldios, by Marta Mateus (2017)

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