Seminci will screen 65 short films in its different sections

‘Los desheredados (The Disinherited)’, by Laura Ferrés

10/10/2017.- The Valladolid International Film Week will screen 65 short films in its different sections, of which 13 will compete in the Official Section for the Golden and Silver Spikes, which come with awards of €6,000 and €3,000 respectively, and another 15 will participate in the Meeting Point section, including four that make up ‘The Night of Spanish Short Films’ from the Gijon International Film Festival. Spain enters the Official Section with Los desheredados (The Disinherited), by Laura Ferrés, and La inútil (The Hopeless), by Belén Funes.

Seminci will award, once again, the ‘EFA Short Film Nominee Valladolid 2017’ prize, reserved for the European short films that participate in the Official Section. This award comes with a prize of €2,000 and ensures the film as one of the finalists of the annual European Film Academy Awards.

Behind the camera of three of the selected shorts are well-known directors of the Valladolid International Film Festival. Laura Ferrés premiered her short film A perro flaco (In the Doghouse) ​​in The Night of Spanish Short Films in the 59th Valladolid International Film Week. Her second film, Los desheredados, premiered at Cannes Film Festival Critics Week, where it won the Leica Cine Discovery Prize award for best short film. Also participating is Farnoosh Samadi, who co-directed with Ali Asgari the short film El silencio (The Silence), which won the Golden Spike award in the 61st Valladolid International Film Week and was his directorial debut, and Benjamin Cleary, whose first short film, Stutterer, was screened at the 60th Valladolid Film Week’s Meeting Point, months before winning the Oscar of that category.

15 short films will screen at Meeting Point, of which 14 will compete for Best Foreign Short Film, which comes with a 3,000 euro prize, while the participants in The Night of Spanish Short Films will have their own specific jury, which will also award a prize of 3,000 euros. Participants in that section are El alquiler (The Contract), by Pablo Gómez Castro; Areka (Cuneta) [Ditch], a short by the group Atxur Animazio Taldea; Matria (Matriarch), by Álvaro Gago, and Le Vivre ensemble (Living Together), by José Luis Sántos Pérez.

‘La carta de Zahra (The Letter from Zahra)’, by Paula Palacios

For the first time this year in the Valladolid Film Week, History Time will include a competitive section for documentary short films. Nine titles have been selected, eight of which will compete for best documentary short film, and the Spanish short La Carta de Zahra (The Letter from Zahra), by Paula Palacios will be screened outside of the competition.

The rest of short films can be seen in the usual cycles dedicated to the film schools of ESCAC and ECAM. In the first, six short films from the most recent class of the Catalan film training center will be screened, while in the case of the Madid Film School, seven short films made by students will be shown.

Seminci will also include a special screening of the short film Distintos (Different), by Josevi García Herrero, starring two young people with Down syndrome who decide to embark on an adventure to attend an Alejandro Sanz concert in Valencia.

Finally, the section Castilla y León in Short Films brings together eight works this year, and the session dedicated to presenting the short films selected by the Quercus project, an initiative of the Film Festivals Coordinator of Castilla y León (FECCYL), with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Castilla y León Regional Government, will offer five titles.


Official Section

  • A Drowning Man, Mahdi Fleifel, Denmark / United Kingdom / Grecia
  • Los desheredados (The Disinherited), Laura Ferrés, Spain
  • The Full Story, Daisy Jacobs y Chris Wilder, United Kingdom (animation)
  • Haine negre, Octav Chelaru, Rumania
  • Hedgehog’s Home, Eva Cvijanovic, Canada / Croatia (animation)
  • La inútil (The Hopeless), Belén Funes, Spain
  • Jeunes hommes à la fenêtre, Loukianos Moshonas, France
  • Kapitalistis, Pablo Muñoz Gomez, France / Belgium
  • Min börda, Niki Lindroth Von Bahr, Sweden (animación)
  • Negah (Gaze), Farnoosh Samadi, Italy / Iran
  • Signature, Kei Chikaura, Japan
  • Tesla: Lumière mondiale, Matthew Rankin, Canada, (animación)
  • Wave, Ben Cleary y TJ O’Grady Peyton, Ireland


Meeting Point

  • A Foreman, Daniel Drummond, USA
  • Awasarn Sound Man, Sorayos Prapapan, Thailand / Myanmar
  • British By The Grace of God, Sean Dunn, USA
  • Charles, Dominic Étienne Simard, Canada / France
  • Dear Renzo, Agosta Gálvez, Francisco Lezama, Argentina
  • I Will Always Love You Kingen, Amanda Kernell, Denmark / Sweden
  • J’aime les filles, Diane Obomsawin, Canada (animation)
  • Koniec widzenia, Grzegorz Mołda, Poland
  • Retouch, Kaveh Mazaheri, Iran
  • Une nuit, Lucien Burckel de Tell, France / Honduras
  • Chen Li, Roberto F. Canuto, Xu Xiaoxi, China / Spain (Out of Competition)


Meeting Point – The night of Spanish short

  • El alquiler (The Contract), Pablo Gómez-Castro
  • Areka  (Cuneta) [Ditch], Atxur Animazio Taldea
  • Matria (Matriarch), Álvaro Gago,
  • Le Vivre ensemble (Living Together), José Luis Santos Pérez


Time of History

  • Blue Sky From Pain, Stephanos Mangriotis y Hyacinthe Pavlides, Greece / France
  • La carta de Zahra (The Letter from Zahra), Paula Palacios, Spain (Out of Competition)
  • Commodity City, Jessica Kingdon, USA / China
  • Polonez, Agnieszka Elbanowska, Poland
  • Raymond Tallis I On Tickling, Johan Grimonprez, Belgium
  • Retour à Genoa City, Benôit Grimalt, France
  • Sigo acá (I’m Still Here), Tana Gilbert, Chile
  • Tres Oraciones sobre la Argentina (Three Sentences About Argentina), Nele Wohlatz, Argentina
  • What Happened To Her, Kristy Guevara-Flanagan, USA



  • Aún hay tiempo (Still In Time), Albert Pintó
  • Café para llevar (Coffee To Go), Patricia Font
  • Pequeña silenciosa (Little Wanton), Carlos Alonso Ojea
  • Los pestiños de mamá (Mama’s Honey Fritters), Marta Díaz de Lope Díaz



  • Cachorro (Puppy), Jesús Ribera Soriano
  • Causa noble (Noble Cause), David Oeo
  • Ladrones de cuerpos (Bodysnatchers), Orencio Carvajal
  • Nada que ver (Nothing to See), Manuel Manrique
  • Orgullo nacional (National Pride), Víctor Ruiz Junquera
  • Servicio de habitaciones (Room Service), Saúl Gallego Mateo


Special Screening

  • Different, Josevi García Herrero, Spain
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