Seminci will award the rainbow spike for the second consecutive year

22/6/2017.- The Valladolid International Film Festival will award the Rainbow Spike for the second consecutive year. All films programmed in any sections of 62th SEMINCI may apply to this prize that recognizes the more remarkable film for championing sexual diversity and gender entity, portraying them with artistic and social relevance.

SEMINCI set up this award the past edition with the collaboration of Triangle Foundation, the organizer of the “Cinhom” – Valladolid LGBTI Film Festival. The film awarded in the past edition was the Brazilian production “Madre sólo hay una, a film that portrays adolescence and transsexuality

Pierre is a teenager with doubts related to his gender identity. He is not yet prepared to say publicly he is transsexual, and even less when he discovers a familiar secret that has changed his life: he is a stolen child at birth and the woman who has raised him it is not really his birth mother.

Throughout its history, the Valladolid International Film Festival has presented several films with LGTBI people as hero to Spanish audience, some of them accredited by the awards.

One of the most remembered film has been “BrokeBack Mountain”, turned into classic movies, that was presented in the 50th SEMINCI – Official Section out of competition, with the attendance of the director Ang Lee in Valladolid

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