SEMINCI unfolds the green carpet to honour Spanish cinema

10/23/2018.- The Day of Spanish Cinema has been celebrated today as part of the 63rd edition of the Valladolid International Film Festival, the SEMINCI. The honoured guests were filmmakers Icíar Bollaín and Juan Antonio Bayona; the actor Eduard Fernández, and the crew of the show Versión española, which celebrates its 20th anniversary. In addition, a great number of well-known professionals of the film industry have participated in the event, such as Luis Tosar, José Luis Cuerda, Concha Velasco, Raúl Arévalo, Julio Medem or Geraldine Chaplin, among others.

On its fourth day, SEMINCI has reasserted its firm commitment to Spanish productions. Therefore, the entrance of the Teatro Calderón has been once again embellished with the green carpet, on which paraded the Spanish participants of the present edition: the recipients of the Honorary Spike Juan Antonio Bayona, Icíar Bollaín, Eduard Fernández and the crew of the show Versión española (TVE); as well as the production teams responsible for the national films competing in the different sections and retrospectives of the festival.

The first attendees who walked on the carpet were Óscar Puente, the Mayor of Valladolid; Javier Angulo, director of SEMINCI; and Ana Redondo, Councillor for Culture and Tourism. The crew of Versión española, led by Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, were the first guests of honour to arrive. They promenaded down the green Unicaja Bank carpet accompanied by Julio Medem, the patron of the show.

Nawja Nimri, actress

Some of the guests who have strolled on the green carpet are Sara Fantoya, director of the short No me despertéis (Don’t wake me up), which is competing in the Official Section; actress Nawja Nimri; director José Luis Cuerda, and actors Manolo Solo and Arturo Valls. The remaining recipients of the Honorary Spike also made an appearance at SEMINCI. Producer Juan Antonio Bayona was the first: he posed for the cameras and the audience. Following was director Iciar Bollain, escorted by actor Luis Tosar, who presented her with the award. Eduard Fernández, who also received an Honorary Spike, was present as well.

The movie Jaulas had the largest representation. It is the second Spanish production competing in the Official Section. The group was led by its director, Nicolás Pacheco, who was accompanied by Estefanía de los Santos, Marta Gavilán, Manuel Cañadas, Belén Ponce de León, Antonio Dechent, Antonio Estrada, Stephan Mihai, Manolo Caro and Manuel Tallafé. Some other  guests who also appeared at the green carpet were actress Geraldine Chaplin, actor Raúl Arévalo, and Argentinian producers Gastón Duprat (Miobramaestra) and Pablo Trapero (La quietud), who are competing in the Official Section.

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