Seminci supports Aulafilm, a platform for the use of cinema in education

Aulafilm – Academia de Cine

12/12/2017.- On Monday 11th December, the Academia de Cine (Spanish Film Academy) hosted the launch of the Aulafilm platform, created by the team at Las Espigadoras, a cultural management agency, and various  collaborators from the audiovisual industry and education sector. The aim of this initiative is to provide educational establishments with an opportunity to access a catalogue of films, mostly Spanish and European, selected for their cultural and educational value, for the purpose of promoting the use of cinema in education.

Aulafilm is supported by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, Screenly, Mercury Films, Auren, FECE, Academia de Cine, Filmin and EGEDA. The launch was also attended by representatives of the Unión de Cineastas, CIMA, Fundación SGAE, Super8, AtresMedia Cine, MK2, Cines Golem and Avalon, among others.

Among those present was Javier Angulo, director of Valladolid International Film Festival, who spoke at the ceremony and offered the festival’s support for the initiative. Angulo also spoke about his experience of creating the Miniminci and Seminci Joven sections of the festival, which brought film screenings to 26,100 school pupils from Castile and León this year.

The Aulafilm platform is solely for use by educational establishments and teachers, at any level (preschool, primary, secondary, sixth form, university and vocational training). Educational establishments which are interested in the initiative can register on the platform in order to access online film screenings in their classrooms, or to organise a screening at the nearest commercial cinema to their school.

The catalogue currently comprises more than 100 films, including Spanish classics (​The Spirit of the Beehive, Plácido​, The Executioner and Welcome Mr. Marshall!​); works by great French film directors (​The 400 Blows​, Au revoir les enfants and ​Mon oncleand films which are unlikely to reach small cities and rural areas, such as Tangerines (Georgia), Papuzsa (Poland), Rams (Iceland) and Buddha Collapsed out of Shame (Iran). Successful recent animated films are also available on the platform (​The Little Prince​, Boy and the World​, The Red Turtle​, Song of the Sea), along with a number of contemporary documentaries (​Citizen​ ​Four​,​ ​Tomorrow​,​ Where to Invade Next,​ ​Pina and ​​Page ​One​).

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