Seminci pays tribute to Antonio Giménez-Rico with the Honorary Spike

Mar Sancho, Joaquín Hinojosa, Mónica Randall, Juan Jesús Valverde, Antonio Giménez-Rico, Iñaki Miramón, Lydia Bosch and José Luis Alcaine

The director was joined on stage at Zorrilla Theatre by fellow professionals who emphasised his ‘humanity’ and ‘loyalty’

22/10/2018 – The Film Gala of Castile and León has paid tribute to the director Antonio Giménez-Rico, awarding him the Honorary Spike for a lifetime of dedication to cinema. The filmmaker from Burgos was accompanied by fellow professionals from the film industry at Zorrilla Theatre. It’s an honour for me to be surrounded by actors, actresses and by the world’s best director of photography, José Luis Alcaine, he emphasised.

Beside him on stage were actors Iñaki MiramónJuan Jesús ValverdeMónica RandallJoaquín Hinojosa and Lydia Bosch. The latter two actors appear in the film Jarrapellejos (1988), which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and was screened during the ceremony at Zorrilla Theatre.

Although the film had never been screened at Seminci, it does have a special link to the city. I discovered the novel by Felipe Trigo in second-hand bookshop in Valladolid at the end of the 1960s when I was studying Law. I was looking for banned books, and the bookseller recommended it to me. I read it and I thought it was impossible to adapt it into a film. It seemed very complex to me, he explained. He didn’t do so until years later, after he had already directed various films, and after filming The Disputed Vote of Mr Cayo (1986). The producers asked me what I wanted to do when the filming was over and I said: it’s time, he confessed. That’s how Jarrapellejos was born.

Giménez-Rico also highlighted the fundamental role of his friend, director Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, in this film. I finished the script, but I didn’t like the start because I thought it took too long to introduce the characters. Manuel read it and had the idea of the first scene, and after that the film made itself, he said.

All of the actors who accompanied him to collect the Honorary Spike, awarded by the general director of Cultural Policies of the Regional Government of Castile and León, Mar Sancho, highlighted his “humanity, his “loyalty and the “freedom which he accords to actors playing his roles.

Castile and León, as well as Spain as a whole, should be grateful to have a filmmaker like Giménez-Rico, said actor Juan Jesús Valverde. He’s a great director, person and friend. It was he who discovered me. He’s someone who inspires great affection and he deserves this and more, Miramón commented. Lydia Bosch also confessed that it was thanks to the director that she now works in the film industry.

VAFO Awards

The ceremony also featured the prize-giving for the second edition of the short film competition Seminci Factory Valladolid Film Office, organised by Valladolid City Council, Seminci, the technical office of Valladolid Film Office (VAFO) and Castile and León Audiovisual Platform. The two prizes awarded, with an endowment of 9,000 euros, were for short films Sin nombre by Juan Carrascal Íñigo and Umbral, produced by Pablo García Sanz. In addition, the winning short film from the last edition, La herencia by Felipe Arnuncio, was screened.

The competition aims to boost the audiovisual industry in Valladolidsupport directors and producers in the province and promote the region as a location for film shoots. We want this project to grow so that in a few years, it can produce not only short films but also feature films, said the director of Seminci, Javier Angulo.

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