Seminci grows in spectators, number nearing 95,000

The Festival Director celebrates “a higher number than ever in the whole of the Official Section” in his ten years as head

Javier Angulo, director of the festival, talks to the journalist about the results of the 62nd Seminci

10/28/2017.- About 93,000 spectators up to the closing on Saturday, without even counting the audiences of the final day, and of the repetition of the winning films on Sunday, is a fact to celebrate. Valladolid International Film Festival Director, Javier Angulo, made a positive assessment of the 62nd Seminci box office numbers, which are around 95,000 spectators. If the last edition saw 90,000 people going to the screenings, the edition that is ending now, Angulo was sure, could be “5,000 more,” as he specified moments after reading the record numbers.

The festival manager celebrated the image of “full cinema halls”, and recalled that tickets were sold out forty minutes after going on sale. “All the tickets for the Official Section at Calderón Theatre, and the repetition in Carrión Theatre, were sold old since Tuesday,” he added. In general, Javier Angulo underlined the “important turnout” recorded, which was partly due to, as in the previous edition, the reduced €2.90 ticket price of the “Festival del Cine” campaign at the beginning of the week. He also highlighted the presence of new spectators in cinemas, with the participation of 26,200 students, 15,000 of them from primary schools, who attended the Miniminci sessions.

Just before giving way to the decisions of the different juries, Javier Angulo reviewed some data of the edition that is bidding farewell. During the month of October, the Festival website ( has had 43,166 unique users, who have visited 303,500 pages. Regarding social networks, Angulo highlighted that posts published on Facebook have reached 330,000 people, with 28,000 views of the approximately 40 uploaded videos, and 800 new followers obtained. On Twitter, with 39,200 visits to the Festival’s profile, 872 tweets have been sent, reaching 1.5 million users; while on Instagram 83 images have been uploaded that have been seen by 91,000 users.

As for the contestants, Javier Angulo pointed out to journalists that in his ten editions at the helm of the Festival, this year’s was “the selection” of which he is most pleased: “There was a bit of everything, and for me there was a higher level than ever in the whole of the Official Section”, he said. The director of the Festival recalled that female presence in the film scene of the past year has made “parity” easy, a quality that will also be sought in successive editions. “We have done it as soon as we could, in the Official Section and in Meeting Point, and we will continue to insist on it,” he assured.

For the 63rd edition, Javier Angulo gave advance information on two new features: the creation of a Green Spike “for the film that best reflects the defence of the environment and that best tackles climate change”. “And we will seek to be coherent, to measure our carbon footprint, to use non-plastic materials in the Festival as much as possible,” he added. He also announced next year’s guest country: Colombia. “I think that after Mexican cinema and Argentine cinema, which are the best known, Colombian cinema would be in third place. There is a policy of incentives and aid so that more can be produced, and you simply have to look to the most important festivals of recent years to see that there is always Colombian cinema. It’s not accidental,” he explained. “We want to do a retrospective of what is going on in this century; of Colombian directors we know a few, Sergio Cabrera, Víctor Gaviria … but what has happened in these last few years so that Colombian cinema has shot above all others in box office success?” This is the question that will be answered in the next International Film Festival.

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