SEMINCI celebrates a hundred years of its fetish director

Jane Magnusson

10/21/2018.- As part of the Valladolid International Film Festival, the SEMINCI, this Sunday has been devoted to the commemoration of Ingmar Bergman’s centenary, one of the festival’s fetish directors. Born on the 14th of July, 1918, his work arrived in Spain for the first time in 1960 through Valladolid’s festival, with the premiere of the production The Seventh Seal. The film obtained the highest distinction, the Golden Labarum Award.

Bergman added two more awards to that first one, thanks to The Virgin Spring (1961) and Winter Light (1966). From that moment on, the works of the Swedish filmmaker were present regularly in the different sections and retrospectives of the festival.

During this 63rd edition of the SEMINCI has programmed a screening of the documentary Bergman – A year in a Life, produced and narrated by director Jane Magnusson. The production focuses on the year 1957, when Bergman’s fame and creative ability reached its peak, filming two of his most celebrated productions – The Seventh Seal and Wild Strawberries.

The viewer will find in the screening, attended by the director Jane Magnusson, the testimony of around 40 people who worked or were in contact with Bergman. Some examples are Liv Ullmann, Lena Endre and Barbra Streisand; actors Elliott Gould and Thorsten Flinck; or director Lars von Trier, among many others.

Another homage that has been paid to the director is the Spanish premiere of the documentary Searching for Ingmar Bergman, directed by Margarethe Von Trotta, included in the Official Section, although it is not contesting. It is a very personal production in which the German director describes her intimate relationship with Bergman’s works, since she discovered him thanks to The Seventh Seal. The film, yet unreleased in Spain, includes the testimony of its director, along those of Liv Ullmann, Jean Claude Carrière, Carlos Saura, Olivier Assayas, Mia Hansen-Love, and director Stig Björjman, author of books and documentaries about Bergman, among others.

In addition, the digitalized and remastered version of The Seventh Seal has been screened, followed by an audiovisual concert, Aiòn# oo1_DCP version, created by composer Marco Rocca (Mar Core), and dedicated to both Ingmar Bergman and photography director Sven Nykvist. This projection shows the live session conducted by the Italian composer in which he joined fragments of movies filmed by Bergman in the sixties with his digital music.

Marco Rocca

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