Seminci announces a €38.000 rise in its 63rd edition’s cash awards

The Festival’s top prize (Golden Spike) will include a cash endowment of 75,000

Javier Angulo announces the rise in Seminci’s cash awards

05/02/2018.- The cash endowment for prizes to be granted during the upcoming 63rd edition of the Valladolid International Film Festival is set to rise by €38,000, which will be shared out among the awards given in the several fest sections. All in all, the total prize value to be awarded will reach 208,000, clearly above the €170,000 given out in previous editions.

The biggest increases go to the Official Section’s Golden Spike to the Best Long Feature, whose cash endowment this year will rise to €75,000  (a €15,000 boost), and the Festival’s Silver Spike, with an increment of  €5,000 that will mean moving from last year’s €20,000 to €25,000.

Additional €5,000 rises have been earmarked for the Best Long Feature Award in the  Meeting Point section (moving from €15,000 to 20,000); the top prize in the documentary section Time of History (from €20,000 to €25,000) ; and the same section’s second prize (from €10,000 to 15,000).

Finally, anew award endowed with €3,000 will go to Time of History’s Best Documentary Short Film.

The prize list for the Festival’s several sections is as follows :


Feature-length films

  • GOLDEN SPIKE and SILVER SPIKE, respectively endowed with €75,000 and €25,000 to be handed to the Spanish distributors of the winning films.
  • ‘PILAR MIRÓ’ AWARD TO THE BEST NEW DIRECTOR competing with his/her first or second long feature for the silver screen. This award includes a cash prize of €10,000 for the winning filmmaker.
  • BEST DIRECTOR AWARD, endowed with €6,000.


Short films

  • GOLDEN SPIKE and SILVER SPIKE, respectively endowed with €6,000 and €3,000 for the directors of the winning shorts.
  • ‘EFA SHORT FILM NOMINEE VALLADOLID 2018’ AWARD. The winning European short film in this category, endowed with €2,000, will be shortlisted for the European Film Academy’s annual awards.
Winners of 62nd Seminci

Winners of 62nd Seminci

MEETING POINT will have its own Jury formed by three film-related professionals who will grant the BEST FEATURE and the BEST FOREIGN SHORT FILM awards, respectively endowed with €20,000 and €3,000  to be received by the winning films’ directors. The sidebar ‘A Night of Spanish Shorts’ will have its own €3,000 cash award for the director of the winning short film following the verdict by the same Jury.

SEMINCI JOVEN (‘YOUNG SEMINCI’):The section’s €6,000 cash prize will be awarded by popular vote among students attending the screenings. Following vote counting, the award will go to the director of the film reaching the highest score.

A jury formed by three film-related professionals will reward the BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM in the TIME OF HISTORY SECTIONwith a cash prize worth €25,000 for the director of the winning documentary. The same Jury will likewise award a SECOND PRIZE including a cash reward of €15,000 and yet a third prize endowed with €3,000 to the BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM. None of these awards may be left vacant.

Yet another three-member Jury will be entrusted with awarding a prize to the BEST SPANISH DOCUMENTARY in the section named DOC. ESPAÑA. The latter award entails an additional cash prize of €6,000 for the winning doc’s director.

RAINBOW SPIKE: Specifically appointed for this purpose, a Jury will vote for the film that shows the greatest awareness and sensitivity with regard to issues affecting the LGTBI community.

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