‘Sage femme’ to lower the curtain of the 62nd Seminci

Elena Sánchez and Marta Nieto will present the Closing Gala, which will be broadcast live on TVCYL and later on Spanish National TV La 2

10/27/2017. – The film Sage femme (The Midwife), by Martin Provost, will close the 62nd Valladolid International Film Week on Saturday after the Closing Gala presented by Spanish television journalist Elena Sánchez and actress Marta Nieto.

Sage femme (The Midwife) is the sixth feature directed by Martin Provost, creator of titles such as Cocon [Cocoon]  (1992), El vientre de Juliette [Juliette’s Belly] (2003), Séraphine (2008) and Violette (2014). The film is about the relationship between Claire (Catherine Frot), a near-retirement midwife with a natural talent for bringing children to the world, and Béatrice (Catherine Deneuve), the quirky and frivolous lover of her late father who, after leaving 30 years ago without leaving a trace, wants to see her again to tell her important news. Claire, formal to the core, and Béatrice, free-spirited and vividor, will reveal old secrets that will make them begin to forget the lost years.

‘Sage femme’, by Martin Provost, with Catherine Deneuve and Catherine Frot

Spanish and foreign filmmakers, interpreters of various nationalities, and personalities from the world of cinema will attend the Closing Gala tomorrow, in addition to a good part of the festival winners, whose names will be announced Saturday, starting at 12:00 p.m.

Spanish journalist Elena Sánchez

The red carpet will unfold on the last day of the festival starting at 6:00 p.m., in which the presenters of the ceremony will be paraded first: journalist Elena Sánchez and actress Marta Nieto, who will give way to actresses Ana Cela, Ana Otero, Carla Hidalgo, Cristina Castaño, Eva Almaya, Eva Manzón, Eva Marciel, Norma Ruiz, Sara Miquel, and Yara Puebla and actors Carlos Santos, Dani Muriel and Unax Ugalde, as well as Gonzalo Miró, who will deliver, as is tradition, the Pilar Miró Award for Best New Director.

Of course, the gala will include the members of the different juries: Ray Loriga, novelist, scriptwriter and Spanish film director; scriptwriter and director Santiago Tabernero; French director and scriptwriter Brice Cauvin; Claire Dobbin, president of the Melbourne International Festival; and producer Uberto Pasolini, all members of the International Jury.

Serbian director and producer Stefan Ivančić will also be in attendance along with Palestinian actress Lamis Ammar and Mexican producer Gerardo Morán, members of the Meeting Point jury, as well as Guillermo García López, Nicolás Echevarría and Diego Mas Trelles, who make up the History Time jury, and directors Leire Apellaniz and Tamara García Iglesias, and Maite Conesa, director of the Film Library of Castilla y León, who form the DOC Spain jury.

The winners of the various sections of the 62nd Seminci, who will be announced tomorrow, October 28th, will also walk the carpet to the hall of mirrors of the Calderón Theatre. At 11:30 a.m. the awards for the Young Seminci section will be announced and the prize will be awarded to the girl who won the Miniminci poster contest. Starting at 12:00 p.m. the winners of the other competitive sections will be announced.

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