Ripstein and Paredes relive their collaborations

The Mexican director and the Spanish actress, who worked together on ‘El coronel no tiene quien le escriba’ [‘No One Writes to the Colonel’] and  ‘Profundo carmesí’ [‘Deep Crimson’], receive the Festival’s Spike of Honor

Arturo Ripstein, Marisa Paredes y Javier Angulo

10/21/2017- Today the Valladolid International Film Festival has led to the reunion of Mexican director Arturo Ripstein and Spanish actress Marisa Paredes. Old acquaintances and coworkers, both received the Festival’s Spike of Honor during the Inaugural Gala of the 62nd edition. Before getting on the stage of Calderon Theatre, the two relived their joint projects from either side of the camera in a press conference.

Arturo Ripstein directed Marisa Paredes in two of his well-known works: Profundo carmesí [Deep Crimson] (1996) and El coronel no tiene quien le escriba [No One Writes to the Colonel] (1999). According to Ripstein, they already knew each other personally when he found out that she was “available.” Upon learning this, he started thinking about “all the options” that “having an actress of her caliber” could grant him. Having her on his team was at the same time “an alarm and a break,” added the director.

The actress remembered, from that first experience together, how difficult it is to work with a director who films almost everything in the form of a long take, something that “demands a lot of concentration, a lot of dedication, a lot of determination” from an actor. “Either you put yourself in his hands and you give all of yourself as if it were a pure and tough love, or Arthur might kill you,” said Marisa Paredes half-joking, half in earnest. In reply, Ripstein had only praise for the actress. “I have worked with the best actors possible, but to see Marisa transform into a written, imagined character was formidable, because she always goes beyond what is expected of her. Her talent and elegance are gifts of the cinema gods”.

Marisa Paredes named as keys to the success in acting both “working with rigor,” and the happy coincidence to work with directors who know what they can get from an actor, because “nobody is irreplaceable.” Although, to Ripstein, Marisa Paredes did seem “irreplaceable” when he had the opportunity to work with her.

The director of Seminci, Javier Angulo, recalled that the two honorees’ careers justify the Spikes they’ve been award by the festival. “Marisa Paredes is the great lady of Spanish cinema, for me the Spanish Deneuve, able to interpret any role.” The festival leader also claimed, “Arturo Ripstein is the great Latin American filmmaker par excellence,” creator of “directly realistic” cinema, and capable of capturing “all of Latin America’s beat.”

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