Quercus: the shorts of Castilla y León come to life at Seminci

The directos of Quercus´s short films

22/10/2018.- The fourth edition of Quercus, the Shorts Competition of Castilla y León, took place on Monday 22 October, the Castilla y León Day of Film and Audiovisual Media during the Valladolid International Film Festival, Seminci, with the screening of five selected shorts: La Proeza, Supreme, Vacio, Volcaica and Amancio, vampiro de pueblo.

Before the screenings, some representatives of these shorts presented their respective works. Alejo Ibáñez, director of Amancio, vampiro de pueblo, explained that they wanted to “reflect rural exodus from a comical perspective”.

Juanma F. Pozzo, co-director of Vacío, expressed how his short reflects loneliness and routine: “We did this with a view to having a good time and creating a simple shoot that allows us to have fun”.

Valladolid’s own Pablo Conde also presented his short Supreme, which was filmed in Los Angeles. After spending two years living in the United States, he wanted to make a short film there about a topic that grabbed his attention: “The tremendous social inequality; a lot of racism and poverty still exists”.

There is a call for shorts filmed in the region or by those from Castilla y León, where five winners are selected whose works will be disseminated both nationally and internationally. The shorts put forward in the previous edition earned 130 shortlists and 16 awards.

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