‘Paisaje’, the teenage memories of Jimena Blanco

Jimena Blanco

10/20/2018.- Four friends, a trip to Buenos Aires and a rock concert. That’s the plot of the film Paisaje, starring Laura Grandinetti, Camila Robinovich, Camila Vacarini and Ana Waisbein, in which the director Jimena Blanco ‘forces’ the characters to reinvent friendship and confront their fears.

Following the screening of the feature film, Blanco commented that the film features several biographical references to her own life. “There are aspects of me in the characters, stories from other friends and the town the story is based in is where I grew up”, she explained.

Blanco also emphasised that the characters are all equally important, and that what stands out in the film is the “unity of the group”. “In the script, all four characters are developed as one, without overlooking the fact that each character has a role and different qualities”, she added. The director also highlighted that the camera acts as a fifth character, providing some highly accomplished shots. “We wanted to demonstrate that when you’re with someone, you don’t see their whole body, just parts of it, something that attracts your attention, like movements, the texture of their skin… that was the idea that we wanted to convey”, she explained.

The film is based in an unspecified era of the 1990s, in which the four leading characters are leaving behind their childhood, and reflects the changes taking place during this period. “The film features many aspects of childhood, they play but then they also experience teenage contexts; it’s a time in life when a lot of things happen”, said the director, who also added that the feature film has different tones which can be observed in the music and in the colours. “At first, everything is more natural and there is music all the time, which isn’t the case towards the end of the film, when the colours also begin to darken”, she added.

Prior to the screening of Paisaje, viewers were able to watch Le jour extraordinaire by French director Joanna Lurie, which tells the story of a funeral based on a poem. For its production in 3D, producer Marc Boyer encountered a difficulty: using pastel colours. “First of all, we thought about using a 2D model, but the director eventually decided not to do it like that”, he added.

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