Meeting Point premieres ‘Volcano’, a film set in the Ukrainian conflict

Olena Yershova, producer

10/25/2018.- On Thursday, October 25, the Meeting Point section offered the premiere of Volcano, the first fiction film by Ukrainian director Roman Bondarchuk, who until now had dedicated his career as a filmmaker to directing documentaries. In this film, Lukas, an interpreter who accompanies a team of military controls, is left stranded in a remote place in southern Ukraine, where he finds shelter in the house of Vova, a villager who shows him an anarchist universe.

One of the film’s producers, Olena Yershova, had a conversation with the audience after the screening in which she gave some of key facts about the film. «Only Vova’s character is played by a professional actor, the rest are people from the town, even for the protagonist this was his first job as an actor», explained the producer.

On the other hand, Yershova added that the director is originally from that region, so they had no special difficulties to shoot there. The producer has also added that this unique character played by a professional was inspired by the director’s uncle and that the idea came up on an evening when they went out to dinner with him.

Regarding the filming process, he explained that the war conflict in Ukraine is presented as it is today, since the filming was completed last year. The film is based on real events, so it features real characters and reflects the background of Roman Bondarchuk as a documentary director. «The events that are shown are inspired by moments that he had already filmed as a documentary maker», Yershova pointed out.

Finally, the producer has commented that the film was shot in the Kherson Oblast, located in the south of the country and that is on the border with the territory of Crimea. However, as she recalled, thanks to the fact that the director knew the place, it was no problem to shoot there.

3 años después

On the other hand, and prior to this screening, the short film 3 años después (“3 years later”) by the Portuguese Marco Amaral was projected. A project that, according to the director, tries to give the viewer clues but not answers, and that starts from the idea of how a person can rebuild a relationship with someone, something that caught the attention of the director when he watched the film A woman under the influence.

«I tried to build on this question and during the writing it led me to structure it as a short film», he added. The Portuguese has also commented that for him film is music and light, so he does not work so much with dialogue, something that can be seen in the little text that the project has, and that leaves room for the viewer’s own interpretation.

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