‘Me llamo Gennet’, a true story of personal growth

Micky Molina and Miguel Ángel Tobías

10/26/2018.- The creator of the programme Españoles por el mundo (Spaniards around the world), Spanish producer and film and documentary director Miguel Ángel Tobías, presented the inspiring story of Gennet Corcuera in the Meeting Point section of Valladolid International Film Festival. The actor Micky Molina and the actress and television presenter Miriam Díez-Aroca both appear in the film, with the latter playing the mother of the main character. 

Gennet is an Ethiopian woman who was adopted by a Spaniard (Carmen Corcuera) when she was just 3 years old,  becoming the first deafblind woman to obtain a university degree in both Spain and in Europe. “It is impossible to understand what it is like to be deafblind. When someone touches you, you’re part of the world, but if they don’t, you’re completely isolated”, explained the director. For Tobías, the intention of the film was to prompt us to reflect on our own lives and on our privileges. And above all, to raise awareness and provide information about deafblindness and functional diversity in general. “You can handle anything”, the director said citing Gennet.

“Thank you all for watching and listening, but above all for feeling”, said Díaz-Aroca. The actress explained that “at this stage in [her] career, playing this role was like reaching paradise”. “This film represents a turning point in my life”, she said.

Meanwhile, Micky Molina said that “we live in a world with a serious lack of sensitivity”. In his opinion, it is impossible to truly reflect the experiences of someone like Gennet. “Contact with human beings is how things really flow”, he explained. 

Miguel Ángel Tobías told the audience that the idea of depicting the story on the big screen arose when he read an interview with Gennet published by the magazine El Semanal. As a curiosity, he shared the way in which the blindfold scene was filmed. What appears to last 5 minutes in the film was actually an hour, and the (non-professional) actors and actresses were not informed about it before the scene began. Following this, five of the nine actors and actresses are now studying sign language.

The protagonist of the film, Gennet, was unable to attend the first screening of her biography as she was recovering from anaemia.

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