‘Lo posible y lo necesario’ recounts the story of Marcelino Camacho

The team of the film together with Javier Angulo

10/26/2018.- The filmmaker Adolfo Dufour, with an extensive filmography of documentaries, fiction films and series, premiered his feature film about the life and struggles of the historic trade union leader Marcelino Camacho at the 63rdValladolid International Film Festival to mark the centenary of his birth. The presentation of the film, as a special screening in the Doc. Spain section, was attended by some of the cast members: Marcel Camacho, Aurora Maza, Pablo Mínguez, Gloria Vega, Carlos Olaya, Miguel Ángel Gómez, Pablo Millar and Adolfo Dufour all discussed the purpose of the film with the public.

The documentary is a biography which incorporates original documents, historic images, statements from protagonists and fictionalised theatre scenes, with the leadership of the trade unionist himself throughout the two hours of the film. “It depicts the story of Marcelino Camacho from his birth to his death” and “the struggle of the workers’ movement to achieve democracy in this country”, the director commented, adding that the independent project emerged “because lately important people who fought for our freedoms are being forgotten”.

The documentary evokes the past and looks to the future: “It does not aim to focus on the past, but instead to situate everybody in the present day so that they know that these dangers exist, and that if we are not able to understand the struggle, we’ll fall back into the past. The conclusion is that we must go further and be better equipped to face the future”.

Actors Carlos Olalla and Gloria Vega recognised that “being able to get closer to people like Marcelino and Josefina” was a “privilege” because of “the way in which they experienced their dedication throughout their lives, with humility and bravery, putting it before everything else, and doing it now in our era”. The actors’ voices comprise the theatrical part of the film, embodying the protagonists on screen at certain points, with on stage accompaniment by a cellist.

This is a joint project between individuals and collectives which has been developed over the last three years, based on an idea and development by Marcel Camacho, the protagonist’s son: “we suggested this theme because we’ve been gathering papers for a long time now. In collaboration with my father, we had already written his memoirs, and when he died we began with all the documents at home. There are now around 6,000 digitalised documents”.

Camacho added that the project emerged from “the possible and the necessary”: “it’s about how, throughout his life, a man chooses and selects what is necessary. It’s an authentic film which explores a theme which is as vivid today as it always was; and we too selected ‘the necessary’ to make it: honesty”. Dufour explained the nature of the work: “it is a subjective documentary, about all of the documents, which includes theatrical scenes. We thought that in order to draw in viewers, it had to be an entertaining, politically engaged film”. The filmmaker insisted on the desire to tackle Marcelino’s biography “while ensuring that it reflects the story of many other fighters too”.

A second screening at Broadway Cinemasat 19:30 today will complete the journey of Lo posible y lo necesario through the 63rdedition of Valladolid International Film Festival.

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