Limits surpassed in ‘Sister of Mine’

The feature film by Pedro Aguilera, from the Spanish Cinema section, shows the audiovisual saturation in today’s society 

10/22/2017. – This Sunday, October 22, filmmaker Pedro Aguilera presented Demonios tus ojos (Sister of Mine), his third feature as a director, which participated in the Spanish Cinema section. Starring Ivana Baquero and Julio Perillán, this film addresses the perverse relationship that arises between a young film director and his younger sister after seeing her in a pornographic web video.

There are as many possible interpretations of Sister of Mine as there are viewers who have seen it. “It’s a film with many levels of reading. The most superficial part is the story, but below it many issues are addressed such as limits, manipulation, innocence, power struggle…” said the director, Pedro Aguilera.

Presentation of ‘Demonios tus ojos’

Although the film deals with issues as controversial as incest and as subjective as limits and boundaries, the origin of the project is audiovisual saturation. “We wanted to talk about how a person sees something they should not have seen and how everyone, because of the saturation of audiovisual content, ends up seeing things that we do not need to see and that make us see people in different lights,” explained Aguilera.

A constant frustration in 1:33 format. This 94-minute erotic feature could be defined as a film in which the viewer “always wants to see more of what they are watching,” said the director, who also said that we are saturated with images because, “right now we live in a world in which we are all creators and consumers of images” and in which “even the most reliable photograph is fiction.”

This is a film to reflect upon and rethink modern society and that, for its leading actor, Julio Perillán, transformed him in some way. “Making this movie changed my life because it made me start to see the manipulation of reality in my day to day,” said the actor, who also revealed that part of what led him to carry out this project was that “it is a portrait of what we are living and what we have in our world.”

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