‘Life in four elements’: merging with nature

Francisco Rivas with Natalie Halla

Austrian director Natalie Halla premieres a documentary in her fourth Seminci that discusses the four elements and their relationship with man 

10/22/2017.- Natalie Halla participates for the fourth time in the Seminci as a documentary filmmaker, this time with Neljä Elementtïa (Life in Four Elements), a film in which studies the motivations of four people whose sport or profession is directly related to one of the four elements – water, air, earth and fire -, in which fear and risk are very present but also connected to the self-improvement and determined passion of the protagonists.

A diver immersed in freezing temperatures under the ice, a base jumper who leaps into the void off of cliffs, a firefighter involved in high-risk operations and rescues, and a geologist who seeks to tread where no one has gone before in the depths of the earth are at the center of an intertwined plot in which each one interacts with their element, and reflects upon and shares their exciting activity.

“The idea was born when I was asking about my brother, the jumper; I did not understand how he risked his life with each jump and what pushed him to do it,” said the director in a colloquium after the documentary’s premiere in History Time, the section in which the film competed. In addition, the director was accompanied by Francisco Rivas, the Spanish firefighter, and Michael Andreas, the composer of the soundtrack who is only 15 years old.

“Composing for this film was very special, it was not about transmitting a sensation; I wanted the music to accompany each element, synchronizing with the beautiful images shown,” the musician remarked.

Francisco Rivas praised Natalie’s work, acknowledging that “I am a very sensitive person and the recording caught me at a very critical time, working in the middle of a refugee crisis. These emotions are very difficult to explain and even more so in front of the coldness of the camera, but with her everything seems easier.” All three, musician, director and firefighter had already collaborated on previous productions.

“It is a film that changes the idea of man’s ​​domination of nature, through protagonists who instead merge with it,” concluded its director, who knows Valladolid well, as she spent her Erasmus here and was a juror in the 2012 edition of the Festival.

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