Laura Hojman explores the world of Rubén Darío in ‘Tierras solares’

Laura Hojman and Guillermo Rojas

10/25/2018.- The documentary Tierras solaresLaura Hojman’s directorial debut, was screened on Thursday 25th October in a new session of DOC. Spain, attended by the director herself and producer Guillermo Rojas, among others.

Tierras solares is a documentary about Rubén Darío and his time in Andalusia. The director “aimed to explore who Rubén Darío was and what his poetry was like, because the avant-gardes caricaturised the poet, calling him twee and accusing him of writing childish poetry”, Laura Hojman explained, saying that she considers the Nicaraguan writer to be “a very profound and rather tormented poet”.

Narrated by actor Pedro Casablanc –”I couldn’t have found a better voice to represent Rubén Darío”–, the idea for the documentary emerged when the director discovered that the poet had spent time in Andalusia, and found out the reasons which had taken him there. Rubén Darío was seeking sun and physical light, but also emotional light to guide him out of sadness. Laura Hojman “wanted to depict his life journey”. “As a child, I was very melancholic, and my grandma used to recite a poem by the Nicaraguan writer to me”, she commented.

According to Laura Hojman, Rubén Darío’s poetry represents the way in which the author sought to escape “a reality which he couldn’t accept and in which he wasn’t happy”. Initially, he was attracted to Andalusia by romantic literature and the imaginary world associated with the Orient, “but the reality he encountered was different. Andalusia is more than just that mythical image which has been constructed”.

During his journey, he brought with him music, poetry and colour: “before, the important thing was the content. What the poet does is apply that language of music, which is abstract, to poetry”. The director explained. Rubén Darío’s alcoholism is also mentioned in the documentary. Laura Hojman explained that “she wanted to include it because [she] didn’t want to provide an idealised vision of the poet”, as this “would not faithfully reflect the reality”.

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