‘La mano invisible’: a reflection on the world of work

Director David Macián presented his debut film in the Spanish Cinema section at the 62nd Seminci

Patricia López y David Macián, presentes en la 62 Seminci para presentar ‘La mano invisible’

27/10/2017.- The 62nd edition of the Valladolid International Film Festival screened La mano invisible (The Invisible Hand) on the eve of the closing of the festival, Friday, October 27th. This film, which is part of the Spanish Cinema section, was created by director David Macián and is based on Isaac Rosa’s novel of the same name.

The film tells the story of eleven workers from different sectors who are in an industrial warehouse. Each of them performs his or her own task while many people observe the spectacle of work from the darkness. It causes the viewer to question everything about the world of work and about things that are not often questioned, until one feels compelled to ask oneself if it’s possible to view work in another way.

Perspective, and especially limits, are key. The film’s director has affirmed that what he intends with this piece is for the public to consider “where the limits are in the world of work, because we seem to be begging for work and will accept anything, however precarious it may be.”

In the film’s length of 60 minutes, the director invites the audience “to reflect on the work and professional environments of our lives.” “The film’s main objective is to generate debate about the world of work,” added Macián. In addition, the script supervisor of this feature film, Patricia Lopez, said that “here you can view from the perspective of the worker and from the point of view of someone who watches how someone works.”

For each viewer, the perception varies, since “this film has many interpretations,” said the filmmaker. “For some the invisible hand is the worker himself, for others someone who is not present or apparent, and for others it is capitalism,” he added.


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