‘La Grand-Messe’ depicts the traditions of Tour de France fans

Valery Rosier y Meryl Fortunat, ‘La Grand-Messe’

20/10/2018.- The Time of History section, dedicated to documentary film, offered viewers a screening of the competition film La Grand-Messe today, in a session attended by directors and scriptwriters Méryl Fortunat-Rossi and Valéry Rosier. This lengthy documentary focuses on one of the mountain stages of the Tour de France. As the summit fills with motor homes, the director depicts highly varied situations which will be very familiar to viewers. Following the screening, Fortunat-Rossi reminded the audience that the main characters  «are not actors; what we are showing here are real experiences».

The directors consider the documentary to reveal «people’s need to feel part of a group, although as is always the case in a documentary, not everybody fits in», said Rosier. Both directors explained that «for us, our work represents coexistence; we admired the fact that during the filming, people were already discussing the coming year. They were referring to their experience as a tradition, because for them going to the summit to watch the ‘Tour’ is something habitual», explained Fortunat-Rossi.

Rosier remarked that the spectators scrambled to get a good spot at the summit, with some staying for several days, and that «they talk to their relatives to tell them to pay attention to the television and see them when they’ll be in an aerial shot for four seconds if they’re lucky».

Short film Un monde sans bêtes

Before the documentary, the short film Un monde sans bêtes was shown at a screening attended by producer Jérémy Forni, who explained the inspiration behind the film: «it came to us in the form of a teenage boy called Theo, and we didn’t have to create any story because it simply unfolded before our eyes».

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