‘La enfermedad del domingo’, a drama about family relationships

The director, Ramón Salazar

10/20/2018.- A woman abandons her daughter, and 35 years later, the latter returns with a strange request for her mother: to spend ten days together. This is the plot of the latest film by Ramón Salazar, which depicts a tale brought to life by the duo Susi Sánchez and Bárbara Lennie, who play Anabel and Chiara respectively.

The film was screened on Saturday 20th October, in the Spanish Cinema section. During a debate held after the film screening, the director emphasised the role played by actress Susi Sánchez during the gestation of the project and the scriptwriting process. «She was involved in the whole creative process, and that is something which is evident in the film», he explained.

Salazar also highlighted the relationship between Anabel and Chiara on screen, which became apparent during the production, «calling for the film to focus on them alone». The mother-daughter relationship went beyond the filming and, as the director explains, attempts were made to ensure that Susi and Bárbara didn’t get to know each other too well during the shoot, as it was «interesting» to convey this feeling of two people who do not know each other in real life.

«I spent a long time writing the biographies of both women, but neither of them knew the story of the other character, so as actresses, they felt vulnerable with what one knew about the other», he added.

Meanwhile, Salazar admitted that he initially thought that Bárbara Lennie would be «too young» for the role, but once they had filmed a test scene, he could see that there was «a great understanding» between director and actress. As for Susi, the director explained that the idea of the script came when he set about writing a role for the actress. «My inspiration also came from a book recounting the stories of mothers who confess that they do not love their children», he added.

In terms of the setting, the director commented that the filming locations were an «area he knew well» and that his intention was to ensure that the two women «were isolated». «The main setting is the house where Chiara lives, which is like a time capsule in which everything has gone unchanged for years», explained Salazar, who also added that when Anabel arrives at the house, it is as if everything is as it was 35 years ago.

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