‘La batalla desconocida’ for strategic material

The filmmaker Paula Cons presents the documentary ‘La batalla desconocida’

10/25/2017. – The 62nd edition of Seminci presented a documentary by filmmaker Paula Cons, La batalla desconocida (The Hidden Battle), on the fifth day of the Festival, Wednesday, October 25th. The feature film competed in the DOC.Spain section and tells a chapter of a story that no one had told up to now.

The Hidden Battle centres on the battle for tungsten (AKA wolfram, a chemical element), a war waged by the allies against Spain during World War II. The dispute was over tungsten, the strategic material that Franco’s regime let the Nazis use for weaponry. It is about an event that the director of The Hidden Battle discovered after spending “countless afternoons diving in the papers of the historians who appear in the documentary and who were very generous,” said the filmmaker.

The issue was on the table during the Nuremburg trials but, to this day, all the secrets of this battle had not yet come to light until Paula Cons arrived. “We were surprised because the investigation was very intense and incisive and much more information came out than what we initially set out to discover,” said the producer of the film, Juan de Dios.

A total of 70 minutes in which viewers see what the director has called “a great story to tell in Galicia” affirms that, “despite this documentary, it is still a totally taboo subject.” The tungsten story is one in which the director has “lived for 6 years,” said Cons, who hopes that this can reach many people and make them aware of what happened.

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