2021 – 66th Edition

Farnoosh Samadi

Meeting Point Jury
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She was born in Iran and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. She began her career directing several media installations at the Youth Film Association of Iran. She signed the scripts for several short films, including More Than Two Hours and The Baby, both by Ali Asgari. Together with him, and sponsored by the Cannes Festival, she wrote the script for the feature film Disappearance, directed by Asgari, which in 2017 participated in the Meeting Point section. The two co-directed in 2016 Silenzio, the winner of the Golden Spike in the 61st Valladolid Festival. The following year, this time as a solo director, she bagged another Golden Spike for her short film Gaze. In 2020, she premiered in Meeting Point her feature film debut, 180 ° Rule, which won the award for Best Film.

Farnoosh Samadi

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2021 – 66th Edition
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Jurado Punto de Encuentro 2021 - Farnoosh Samadi

Farnoosh Samadi

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