2021 – 66th Edition

David Lagunilla

Rainbow Spike Jury
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He has been part of the volunteer corps of Fundación Triángulo since 2017. During this period he has worked in the organization of CinHomo (Castile and León’sInternational Festival of Film and Sexual Diversity) as well as in the programming teams of the latter evento, which includes both fiction features and documentaries.

David Lagunilla

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2021 – 66th Edition
Jurado Espiga Verde 2021 - Lucien Burckel de Tell

Lucien Burckel de Tell

Jurado Espiga Verde 2021 - Roberto F. Canuto

Roberto F. Canuto

Jurado Espiga Verde 2021 - David Lagunilla

David Lagunilla

Jurado Espiga Verde 2021 - Yolanda Moreno

Yolanda Moreno

Jurado Espiga Verde 2021 - Mónica Tranque

Mónica Tranque