2021 – 66th Edition

Belén Viloria

Fundos Award Jury
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A graduate in Law and Business Administration from ICADE E-3, she is Director of Brand Communication at the Spanish Red Cross, TEDx Ambassador, Climate Reality Leader and Jury member of the Princess of Girona Foundation’s Social Innovation Awards, among other contributions as an expert in social impact and sustainability for more than a decade.

Belén Viloria

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2021 – 66th Edition
Jurado Premio Fundos 2021 - Javier Alonso Magaz

Javier Alonso Magaz

Jurado Premio Fundos 2021 - Eduardo del Llano

Eduardo del Llano

Jurado Premio Fundos 2021 - Teresa Font - © Mambrú, El Hombre Ola

Teresa Font

Jurado Premio Fundos 2021 - Leandro J. Martín

Leandro J. Martín

Jurado Premio Fundos 2021 - Belén Viloria

Belén Viloria