2021 – 66th Edition

Abraham Do

Time of History Jury
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University lecturer in the Degree in Film Studies and Audiovisual Arts at TAI Escuela Universitaria de Artes (an official degree from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid ). He has a PhD in Film from the latter university, a Master’s Degree in Film History and Aesthetics from the University of Valladolid, and a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca. He directs the section on cinema in RNE’s radio show ‘España Vuelta y Vuelta’. As an essay writer, his research work focuses on the symbolic relationship between painting and landscape in film. He is also a film critic and has served as a juror at national and international festivals. He is a member of the Catalan Association of Film Critics and Writers (ACCEC), FIPRESCI, the Spanish Association of Film Historians (AEHC), AICA and AECA.

Abraham Do

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2021 – 66th Edition
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Jurado Tiempo de Historio 2021 - Abraham Do

Abraham Do

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