‘Júlia ist’: discovering oneself on Erasmus

10/21/ 2017.- Director Elena Martín debuts solo with Júlia ist, a film that is participating in the Spanish Cinema section of the 62nd Week. The film recreates what is a key moment in the lives of many students. Martín performs a exercise in mixing autobiography and fiction in Júlia ist. She relives her Erasmus experience in Berlin to narrate her discovery of adult life, and with it new, and permanent questions, the disconnection of certain ties, and an improvised independence.

Director Elena Martín debuts solo with ‘Júlia ist’

Elena Martín says that “the idea came from sharing experiences during Erasmus with classmates from the university.” “The drama is fictionalized in order to give rhythm to the script, of course, but there are dialogues that are almost verbatim from my own experience as an Erasmus student,” added the director in a discussion with the audience after the screening.

The film, a project developed at Pompeu Fabra University, tries to reflect the naturalness with which everything happened. “It was like working in a family,” Martín says, “since we decided to do a full-length film when we go to university to do short films.” “We paid the tickets to Berlin and transported the material in the subway as a team, because this film is the result of many friends and colleagues working together,” she adds.

On the decision to star in the film, the director has said that was not the initial plan: “we had a month of casting, but the need for an actress who could improvise in Catalan and German made finding such an actress difficult. To be directing behind the cameras and acting in front of them was a challenge, but it was achieved.”

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