‘Jeune Femme’, or how to start from scratch

From left to right, Sandra Bensadón, Souleymane Seye Ndiaye, Léonor Serraille and Pablo Muñoz Gómez

10/24/2017.- Today Souleymane Seye Ndiaye, an actor in the feature film Jeune Femme [Montparnasse Bienvenue], presented it to the Festival. It is competing in the Official Section of the 62nd Seminci. The film, which does not premiere until November in France, tragicomically tells the experiences of a woman abandoned to her fate in Paris, to whom a series of encounters provide an impetus to start from scratch.

The French director’s script stems from her final project at La Fémis, which soon after was awarded the Golden Camera award in the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes Film Festival this year. In winning this award, she became the second woman in the history of the contest to do so.

Souleymane claims the crew was full of women, and that this is the second time a woman has directed him. He says that when he works it does not make a difference to him whether a man or a woman is directing. “For me women have their space in the cinema, and on set I see no differences. The most important thing for shooting a film is to have confidence,” he adds.

Jeune femme [Montparnasse Bienvenue] has a script full of little details that fill situations that could have easily been dramatic instead into fun segments. “The character of Paula did exist; the director based her on reality in order to make the film,” said the actor.

“I have more projects in 2018 with the director of my first movie,” Souleyman concluded. The actor, who repeatedly showed how grateful he was to be at Seminci, said he did not know much about Spanish cinema, but that he would one day like to work with a Spanish director.


The Belgian director Pablo Muñoz Gómez

What’s more, a short film directed by Pablo Muñoz Gómez, Kapitalistis, was also presented as part of the Official Section. The Belgian director utilized a total of 14 minutes to bring a controversial and humorous touch to the image of Santa Claus. In the story, Santa Claus is a capitalist who brings toys to rich children and clothes to the rest . The idea came to him while making one of his previous feature films, Intégration Inch’Allah. “There were Greeks and Spaniards who were attending integration classes. I never met them in person, but I liked their story, and I decided to tell it. Thus came the idea of ​​Kapitalistis.”

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