GEORGIA CYCLE - Feature film



SEMINCI | Año: 2018 | País: Georgia / Sweden

Horizonti Trailer


Once a loving couple, Giorgi and Ana, now in their late 30’s, are immersed in the difficult process of their separation, which goes quietly without attracting the attention of others. Affection and shock would seem to be over by now, but getting used to a new way of life lasts long and seems endless. Giorgi can’t get used to it. The pain of being rejected by his former sentimental partner and closest person in his life does not allow him to start a new life. He isolates himself from the rest of the world, moves far away, near the sea, and settles in an abandoned place surrounded by lonely people. Ana waits for all to pass, but the outcome turns to be unexpected for both of them, leaving in Ana a sense of guilt and emotional vagueness.