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Centenary of the birth of Miguel Delibes

La X de MAX

SEMINCI | Año: 2019 | País: Spain

La X de MAX


When Miguel Delibes met the love of his life, Ángeles de Castro, he began to sign his first works with the acronym MAX. In fact, it was a simple and romantic equation where M was Miguel, A was Ángeles and X was the mystery that the future could hold for the young couple. Decades later the mystery was completely solved. A successful and prolific literary career and a lineage of seven children, until in 1974 the disease took Angeles away and unbalanced the equation forever. As we are about to celebrate the centenary of Miguel Delibes’ birth, this documentary travels through the personal and literary worlds of the Valladolid-born writer by following three generations in the Delibes-De Castro family.


Saturday 26: Zorrilla Theater, 1 pm