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40 aniversary of the filming of The Crime of Cuenca

Regresa El Cepa

SEMINCI | Año: 2019 | País: Spain

Regresa El Cepa


In 1913, two shepherds from Osa de la Vega (Cuenca) confessed the murder of José María Grimaldos, ‘El Cepa’. A decade later, after the two men have served their sentence, the supposedly dead “Cepa” reappears. It turns out that the two men had been subjected to torture and confessed a crime they had not committed. This is the ‘Grimaldos Case’, a huge judicial error. In 1979 producer Alfredo Matas, intending to emulate the success of ‘Midnight Express’, embarked on a film project on the ‘Grimaldos Case’. He offered the project to Pilar Miró, at the time one of the very few female directors in Spanish cinema. The script was written by another woman, Lola Salvado, who signed it as Salvador Maldonado. The film was shot on the real locations of the events and the crude torture scenes raised a scandal with the authorities. A military court ordered the confiscation of all prints. Even so, ‘The Cuenca Crime’ opened at the Berlinale, where it became a success. Upon her return to Spain, Pilar Miró was prosecuted and faced the prospect of a court-martial. During the tortuous proceedings, Pilar Miró, a single mother and the daughter of a military man, suffered a real ordeal. Her name appeared on the ‘death lists’ of the ‘23-F’ coup attempt in Spain as one of the first to be executed. All through those months, Miró was left alone in her defense of the film’s honesty down to the last consequences...


Saturday 19: Broadway Cinemas, room 4, 4.30 pm