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80th anniversary of the end of the Civil War

Generalísimo, la vida de Franco en color

Generalísimo. Franco’s Life in Color

SEMINCI | Año: 2019 | País: Spain

Generalísimo,  la vida de Franco en color


Francisco Franco is the most transcendental political figure of twentieth-century Spain, and even today his mark and his shadow are still present. By resorting to archival footage preserved in Spain’s Film Library, this documentary feature traces a rigorous and intense biographical portrait of the dictator, from his beginnings as a plain conservative army officer to the leadership of the coup that led to the rebels’ victory in the Civil War and gave him absolute power for almost forty years. All of which is presented for the first time in colour images that have been processed with the most innovative digital techniques so that they come to life in full force and take the viewer to an unfamiliar setting.


Saturday 26: Broadway Cinemas, room 9, 4.30 pm